Forgiving Heart Church Announces 30th Anniversary Event

Via press release:

Dear Friend,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the thirtieth anniversary of Forgiving Heart Christian Community Church.  Forgiving Heart Church has been privileged to provide an affirming ministry to the LGBTQ residents in this great city of Columbus GA. And surrounding areas.There will be a music concert, featuring Ms. Marsha Stephens-Pino, on Saturday, April 28, at 7pm.

According to “The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music”, September, 2002 edition, Ms Stephens-Pino is considered to “mother of contemporary Christian music.”

Rev. Marie Bacchiocchi, Interim Conference Minister of the Southeastern Conference of the United Church of Christ will be our guest speaker. City proclamation will be read and awards will be given at our Worship Celebration, on Sunday, April 29, 11am.

Don’t miss this wonderful time to celebrate the awesome blessings God has rained down on Forgiving Heart!

In Christ’s love and ours,
The members of Forgiving Heart Church,
Rev. E.A.Bel, Pastor Forgiving Heart Christian Community Church



POLITICO: Trump administration dismantles LGBT-friendly policies

The nation’s health department is taking steps to dismantle LGBT health initiatives, as political appointees have halted or rolled back regulations intended to protect LGBT workers and patients, removed LGBT-friendly language from documents and reassigned the senior adviser dedicated to LGBT health.

The sharp reversal from Obama-era policies carries implications for a population that’s been historically vulnerable to discrimination in health care settings, say LGBT health advocates. A Health Affairs study last year found that many LGBT individuals have less access to care than heterosexuals; in a Harvard-Robert Wood Johnson-NPR survey one in six LGBT individuals reported experiencing discrimination from doctors or at a clinic.

The Trump administration soon after taking office also moved to change the agency’s LGBT-related health data collection, a window into health status and discrimination. Last month it established a new religious liberty division to defend health workers who have religious objections to treating LGBT patients.

Source: Trump administration dismantles LGBT-friendly policies – POLITICO

EVENT: “The Velvet Room” Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (AUG 4)

From Jeremy Hobbs of Colgay Pride via Press Release: 

On behalf of the LGBT Community, You are hereby invited to attend the RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY with Columbus Georgia City Councilor Pops Barnes for Columbus Georgia’s NEW LGBT Night Club – The Velvet Room on August 4th 7 pm. There will be food and fun for all to be had and we look forward to giving our citizens a tour of this new historic achievement for LGBT Columbus.

For the past month, we have worked out all the kinks and decorated our new home away from home for all our LGBT community to feel welcomed as they walk through the door. For the past five years Colgay Pride Director Jeremy Hobbs has been hearing from our community “WE WANT A GAY BAR” and now, thanks to the POWERHOUSE LGBT TEAM PARTNERSHIP of Jeremy Hobbs and Latweet Weldon that dream and wanting is now a reality. A lot of heavy planning went into this location on Midtown Drive. One year ago, we heard of the historic mass shooting that stole 49 individuals from our lives at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida and it just so happens this location formerly the Medallion was also a location involved in a shooting last year from patrons that claimed three lives. What better place to start a NEW CHAPTER in LGBT Entertainment and Safety than learning from the mistakes of others in the past and making changes that will be better for Midtown Columbus and the LGBT Community. The goal was to give our LGBT community something they have yet to experience in Columbus Georgia. THE FULL RED-CARPET EXPERIENCE from entry to the dance floor. We offer our patrons STATE OF THE ART LIGHTING AND SOUND as well as a comfortable atmosphere where anyone can feel at home. And most importantly HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY. We are determined to ensure what took place at this location formerly the Medallion as well as what took place at Pulse Night club in Orlando NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN here in Columbus Georgia. Everyone deserves the right to go out and have fun and return home safely and we make certain of this week after week. In fact, the CPD Sergeant for that area as well as on duty officers have stopped through and told us how much they appreciate the difference in our club and how is has lowered the problem issues for that sector of town. We are making MIDTOWN DRIVE safe again and proud to announce The Velvet Room is now a LGBT Safe Zone for our citizens.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony get ready for the REUNION SHOW OF THE CENTURY starring Columbus Georgia LGBT Icons Latweet Weldon, Zoria Garcia, Matasha Latweet Black and of course Candy Ohara as well as Guest DJ and Former LGBT Night Club Owner Tammy Lamb who will be celebrating her birthday with us. There will be contests and prizes and raffles and of course music that will keep you dancing till we close the doors. The Velvet Room is designed for our LGBT Community but ALL ARE WELCOME. Everyone, any gender or race or sexual preference enjoy a good show and Friday Night the BEST SHOW IN COLUMBUS GEORGIA for 2017 will take place. So grab your best dance shoes and some friends and come on out to the once dream and now reality….Velvet Room LGBT Night Club.



Enjoy the Show!

The Velvet Room is located at 1818 Midtown Drive, Columbus Georgia.

EVENT: Columbus Georgia Family Justice Project Public Discussion 2/7/2017

Via Press Release from Georgia Equality:


Columbus Georgia Family Justice Project Public Discussion

Join the Georgia Family Justice Project Community Discussion at 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 7th at the Columbus Public Library Auditorium, 3000 Macon Road, in Columbus. This communication discussion is aimed to raise public awareness of the need for broader, more inclusive definitions of ‘family’ in public and workplace policies.

Only 20% of today’s families identify as a “nuclear” family; mom, dad and two kids. Our families are multi-generational, blended, multi-lingual, have LGBTQ parents, and other non-traditional forms of family. However, the legal definition of ‘families’ found in public policy from adoption to hospital visitation, and workplace leave do not include many of us.

The Columbus discussions is the first of a series of statewide community dialogues to raise awareness through family stories and conversations for the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Additionally the “Typical Georgia Families” photography exhibit highlighting the diversity of Georgia’s families will be on display for this event.

So join us for the Georgia Family Justice Project Community Discussion at the Columbus Public Library Auditorium at 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 7th. Lite fare and refreshments will be provided.

To RSVP go to

PRESS RELEASE: Colgay Pride Reacts to Republican President’s anti-Trans Move


Colgay Pride of Columbus Georgia and it’s Director today is calling the revocation order from President Trump regarding former President Obama’s Transgender bathroom policy for students a Major Setback for the LGBT Community.

Director Hobbs said “I knew this was going to be a hot topic when it was put into action last year by the Obama administration, but we had moved on and forward from that time and people were finally getting the feel of what was meant to happen with the inclusion of Unisex Restrooms and so forth. All we ask is for our students to go and learn and go to the bathroom without incident or fear from bullying and harassment of other students who are being taught by religious leaders and parents to demonize people who are different from them.”

Hobbs went on to say “All we have to do it look at the fine example of Target Stores here in Columbus and around our country. They took a hot topic like this and endured a lot of religious nut jobs running through their stores screaming and yelling out bible verses they chose to follow or use as a tool to hate and spread hate all due to ignorance, but when all was said and done it was more so about accommodating all its customers and by doing so they are working to provide those Family/Unisex bathrooms. All Transgender people want to do is GO TO THE BATHROOM AND USE IT AND LEAVE.” Hobbs said “It takes sick minds to think up something bizarre that Transgender citizens are sick and perverted, when in fact its more heterosexuals who molest children and do perverted acts in bathrooms. All we have to do is look to the Republican party at Former ANTI-LGBT Senator Larry Craig who was caught trying solicit sex in a men’s bathroom. It has always been my experience the ones who cry foul the loudest when it comes to LGBT equality are the ones who are hiding something about their own selves and because they hate themselves so much for feeling those feelings they lash out against everyone else that has the courage to be who they are.”

Hobbs will grant interviews regarding the policy. Just call or text Jeremy Hobbs at 706-580-6239

President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance issued to public schools in defense of transgender student rights, reversing course on a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.
Obama instructed public schools in May 2016 to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold federal funding if they should force transgender children to use bathrooms against their will.
The Trump administration action withdrew that guidance while the Justice and Education departments continue to study the legal issues involved.
Reversing the Obama guidelines stands to inflame passions in the latest conflict in America between believers in traditional values and social progressives, and is likely to prompt more of the street protests that followed Trump’s Nov. 8 election.
A couple hundred people gathered in front of the White House to protest the Trump action, waving rainbow flags and chanting: “No hate, no fear, trans students are welcome here.” The rainbow flag is the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Jeremy Hobbs
Director Colgay Pride Columbus Georgia

“Thank you for lending your voice, taking action to fight injustice and standing up for equality for all.”
Jeremy Scott Hobbs
4411 Rosemont Drive
Columbus Georgia 31904
(706) 580-6239

Gay U.S. ambassador to Dominican Republic to resign on Jan. 20

It is common for ambassadors to resign their posts upon a new president’s inauguration, but it’s still sad to see Wally Brewster leave office for new adventures. Big up to Ambassador Brewster!

Gay U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James “Wally” Brewster on Wednesday announced he will resign once President-elect Trump takes office.

“At midday on Jan 20, 2017, I will submit my resignation as U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic and Bob and I will leave in search of new adventures,” said Brewster in a statement the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic posted to its Twitter page. “Our spirits will remain with you forever.”

Source: Gay U.S. ambassador to Dominican Republic to resign on Jan. 20

Madonna spent Thanksgiving with kids at a LGBT homeless youth centre

Madonna is an MVP for LGBT youth.

The queen of pop, and our hearts, has proven her worth once again as she spent Thanksgiving with homeless children living in an LGBT youth centre.

The Ali Forney Centre in New York City provides a home for LGBT youth and gives them the tools necessary to live independently.

In an adorable group selfie, Madonna explained that she opted to spend the holidays with the kids because “everyone deserves to be loved and everyone deserves a home.”

Source: Madonna spent Thanksgiving with kids at a LGBT homeless youth centre · PinkNews

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