Dear Sierra Mannie: #NotAllGayWhiteMen #NotAllBlackWomen

I have my own thoughts to share in response to the initial op-ed by Sierra Mannie, but Artperson100 has one perspective to share in response:

Some Overwhelming Question

untrope smallI read Sierra Mannie’s “Dear White Gays” article and felt my face getting hot.  A lump formed in my throat, and my breath became quick and short.   It took a moment to find the root of that pain.  I finally realized it all stemmed back to a moment in my own childhood: the moment that I realized that I was black.  That revelation didn’t come from starring into a mirror or looking at a photograph.  It happened at school when someone informed me that I wasn’t white.

I don’t remember exactly what I was doing, but my actions led some presumptuous person in my class to announce boldly, “Why are you doing [that], you’re not white.  Until that moment I’d had no idea that being black meant that there were books I was forbidden to read publicly and songs that I just was not “allowed” to dance to. …

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