An hour until the 2015 RFRA’s midnight

It’s now past 11:00 pm EST, and still no Georgia RFRA in sight.

But now it is time to do the heavy work of education and information throughout the rest of the year.

We can start to say the following:

  • YES to nondiscrimination in employment, public or private
  • YES to marriage equality
  • YES to consumer protection for LGBT people
  • YES to adoption equality
  • YES to welcoming schools
  • YES to freer processes for changing genders on birth certificates
  • YES to welcoming public accommodations, including restroom facilities
  • YES to greater openly-LGBT participation in government
  • YES to voter education for LGBT people
  • YES to affirming protection from the “gay panic” defense
  • YES to equal housing
  • YES to equal sex education
  • YES to enshrining the equality of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in our constitution
  • YES to nondiscrimination in our city, county and state laws

And most definitely: YES to informing the public about the need for all of this equality in our state and in our time.

Let’s not let this go to waste. 2015 can be the start of big changes in Georgia, so that 2016 won’t be a tragedy.

Let’s fight for equality in Georgia.


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