PETITION: Recall Sen. Josh McKoon from State Senate

346165-1427985688-wideGuest post from Jeremy Hobbs:


Senator Josh McKoon (R) of Columbus Georgia will not budge. Governor Pence of Indiana & Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas and the North Carolina Carolina Governor now all agree the wording of SB 129 and other RFRA Bills like it ARE NOT NEEDED and must be changed to ensure the civil liberties of citizens and protect our citizens from discrimination. McKoon however is patiently waiting for the 2016 legislation to start up so he can push SB 129 once again. Millions of Dollars in Revenue and Taxes will be lost in the State of Georgia if this bill passes. The Walking Dead and other programs that film here will stop filming here if the bill passes. The Senator was elected to serve ALL the people…not just some or more importantly to feed his own selfish politically motivated agenda. However as we have seen Josh does not serve all the people nor does he care what the people have to say. Senator McKoon has been described from one Atlanta Senator “Totally Disconnected from the voice of the people and He Doesn’t Have a Clue what’s really going on in our state.” And the Director of Colgay Pride Jeremy Hobbs said in a Press Conference on 03/31/15 “I voted for Josh in 2010 and today I publicly apologize to the people of Columbus for helping put him into office, because I feel the burden of responsibility upon my shoulders that I helped him enact such a horrible bill that does nothing but divide our state and work to discriminate.”

Josh McKoon will not stop his quest to pass a bill which is nothing more than a license to discriminate. McKoon will not allow the bill to be amended to include the provisions of protection from discrimination and the protections of our civil liberties. The Religious Freedoms of our people are already protected in the United States Constitution and furthermore within our own State Constitution which has more Religious Freedoms provisions than any other in the country.

So, Our only course of action left is simple to RECALL GA STATE SENATE 29 and remove Josh McKoon from office today. Join us and help spread the word that we will no longer sit back and watch Josh McKoon turn Georgia into a State of Hate. With so much work to be done in our state with Infrastucture needs, Road Development, Business and Job Growth and more importantly working to lay the tracks down for the Passenger Rail that will connect Columbus to Atlanta bills like these should not even be on Josh’s mind. SO why is it he refuses to hear the people? In Fact Josh Blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with his bill from Social Media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Or when they show him documents or proof to back their argument he dismisses them as propaganda and calls the person a left wing finactic. This is not leadership and Josh McKoon who was elected to serve all the people REFUSES to serve All the People. We the People….Means ALL People…Not Just Some. So today we ask you to sign our petition to remove Josh McKoon as Georgia State Senator District 29.

Thank You!

1623625_859489110761656_1439946148226874934_nJeremy Scott Hobbs is a local civil rights activist and former candidate for Columbus Consolidated Government City Council. He is Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Valley Better Way Foundation, an HIV support network, and organizes the Colgay Pride Festival every June since 2014. Hobbs is a former member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Planning Organization. He can be reached by Twitter @hobbsjeremys or Facebook.


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