GOOD CAUSE: Support Kantessa for Her Kindness

3996022_1427956669.5649From my friend Dominick Perkins:

In one day 46 people have found it in their hearts to give a total of $1,305 as a way of saying thanks to Kantessa. Though $1,300 was the goal, the purpose of this campaign was to provide people with an opportunity to give if they had it in their heart to do so. In keeping with that, we will keep it open as long as people still have a desire to give. Thanks for the support.

Kantessa Smith is a waitress at Country Barbecue in Columbus who became Internet-famous by using Facebook with her manager to track down and return a stray envelope containing $1,300 to a couple. Smith is a single mother of two children and received a $100 reward from the couple, so Dominick Perkins set up a GoFundMe page for Kantessa Smith and her children.

As of yesterday, the fund has raised far more than the amount which she returned to the couple, and the fundraiser remains open. Go help!


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