PETITION: Make Anti-LGBT Discrimination Illegal in Georgia

petition-stophategaFrom Better Georgia:

In Georgia, it is still completely legal for an employer to fire a worker just for being gay or transgender. It is still completely legal for a landlord todeny someone a lease just for being gay or transgender. Or to deny someone a hotel room for being gay or transgender.

It’s difficult to believe that such blatant discrimination would be protected by state law in 2015, but it’s true.

While many Georgia cities, counties and businesses have adopted explicit sexual-orientation and gender-identity nondiscrimination protections, there is still no state law in place that protects members of the LGBT community.

States that have adopted clear LGBT nondiscrimination protections in employment, housing, public accommodations, and other important areas of life are thriving.

But Georgia is being left behind.

Tell our legislators that it is beyond time to add explicit sexual-orientation and gender-identity nondiscrimination protections into Georgia’s statutes.

Better Georgia was one of the pro-LGBT progressive groups hammering Sen. McKoon over SB 129 throughout the session.

NOTE: Georgia does not protect against discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations. Clarke and Bibb counties and the cities of Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville protect government employees, and the city of Atlanta protects all employees against discrimination based on gender identity. DeKalb and Fulton counties protect just sexual orientation from government employment discrimination.


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