EVENT: CVBWF Community Advisory Board Meeting – April 24th

11110181_793403190714329_6016717158498599668_oFrom Jeremy Hobbs/CVBWF:

Join Us for the CVBWF INC. COLGAY Pride Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting that will be held on April 24th at the Columbus Public Library CB&T/Synovus Room at 4:30 PM.

Join the CAB today and Become Part of the Award-Winning Agency that has helped lower HIV infections, provides support and training and our LGBT Advocacy & Education and Political Activism team.

Everyone is welcome to attend and find out more about our work and how you can become involved.

We will be discussing our AIDS Candlelight Memorial May 17th, COLGAY Pride Festival for June 6th and the National HIV Testing Day June 26th.

Become a Partner and Help Us continue forward with our mission of success!

For more information Contact Jeremy Scott Hobbs at 706-580-6239 or email jeremy@betterwayfoundation.com


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