VIDEO: “Nobody’s Memories”

Beautiful TV commercial from PFLAG Canada, compiled of faux-vintage home movies.


These are nobody’s memories. They aren’t found in photo albums, or at the bottom of anyone’s heart.

These are nobody’s memories. There’s nothing borrowed nor blue. No one walked down the aisle. No one recalls if there was a chance of rain on the day. No witnesses were needed.

No one said “I do”.

Related: Speaking of marriage memories, two days ago, the Washington Post covered the 40th anniversary of the first marriage license issued to a gay couple, Richard Adams (died 2012) and Tony Sullivan, as well as the personalities involved in the episode, including the county clerk who issued the license, Clela Rorex, and then-Ninth Circuit judge Anthony Kennedy. By the way, the same Kennedy who wrote the majority opinion denying Sullivan’s plea against deportation to Australia (1985) is the same Kennedy who, as SCOTUS justice, wrote the majority opinion in United States v. Windsor, legalizing federal recognition of same-sex marriage.


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