Courage, bravery, heroism come in many forms. STOP making it a competition. 

The oppression olympics over #CaitlynJenner has got to stop.


I’m not one to jump and share my opinions on the “major issues” social media glorifies on a regular basis for multiple reasons.

1) ninety percent of the time it leads to an argument, some ridiculous and unnecessary comment, or personal attack because feelings have veered the conversation far from the path of logic and 2) I believe everyone is entitled to their own feelings, values, and beliefs.

This issue I have is when people stop LISTENING, stop making an attempt to UNDERSTAND, and stop RESPECTING the differing beliefs and viewpoints of others.
So cue the Caitlyn Jenner “controversy. ”

Since her debut as (remember) the person who she truly is. The person who she is comfortable being in her own skin as, nothing but drama has flooded the social media scene. Because words such as bravery, courage, and heroism have been used, her story has become…

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