Gay Couples In Guam Begin Applying For Marriage Licenses; 1st U.S. Territory To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Yay for #Guam!

CBS San Francisco

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — The lesbian couple that sued to overturn a gay marriage ban were put to the front of the line Tuesday when Guam became the first U.S. territory to recognize gay marriage.

Loretta M. Pangelinan, 28, and Kathleen M. Aguero, 29, drew the No. 4 slot as couples were assigned numbers when the Office of Vita Statistics at 8 a.m. Tuesday. But out of respect, they were allowed to be the first gay couple to get their marriage license.

They celebrated by planning to marry right away in a ceremony administered by a territorial official.

The couple that drew No. 1 were Deasia Johnson of Killeen, Texas, and her fiance’, Nikki Dismuke, 37, of New Orleans. They have been together three years and are in the military.

They also planned to marry immediately, and they asked Pangelinan and Aguero to be witnesses for their ceremony.

“How can…

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