Needed: A Columbus/Chattahoochee Valley LGBT Chamber of Commerce

11188296_830513613669946_413290176950855583_nchamberRight now, neither Columbus, GA, nor the Chattahoochee Valley has a network for LGBT and allied business owners and freelancers. There are the generally-audienced Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce as well as the recently-established Columbus Minority Chamber of Commerce (which serves African-American and other PoC-owned establishments in the metro area), but not one for LGBT-owned or targeted establishments.

Such a chamber would help further the importance of the LGBT community to the economy of the region, and provide LGBT business owners, no matter how big or small, a network with which to build connections and support each other.

This would be of great importance to the region’s LGBT community due to:

  1. the high rate of unemployment among LGBT people
  2. the local necessity of the workplace closet for LGBT workers, even (or especially) among those who volunteer some of their off-hours to support LGBT community institutions
  3. the threat of RFRA against LGBT business owners, workers and consumers.

Washington-DC-Supplier-Diversity-FellowshipI propose that a Columbus Georgia LGBT Chamber of Commerce be formed, hopefully within 2015. I also propose that such a chamber can become an affiliate of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.


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