Ban the Box: Create LGBTQ Employment Opportunities

I support this. Let’s address LGBT interactions with law enforcement and their effects on our economic needs. #BanTheBox

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

Imagine being held in a prison cell for 23 hours a day with no access to classes, programs, or communal meals. The only choice, other than this isolation, is prison general population. General population is a place of terror for LGBTQ prisoners, as almost a majority of LGBTQ prisoners report being raped or sexually assaulted.

And then the day you’re released from prison should be a day of relief.

Except that it isn’t for many people reentering their communities. They’re met with challenges accessing jobs, housing, and health care.

Francesca Rebecca Acocella, Holley Law Fellow Francesca Rebecca Acocella, Holley Law Fellow

That’s why we need to support formerly incarcerated people. We must help them access education, employment, and housing. Only then can we help them break the cycle of poverty and violence that lead to high prison recidivism rates.   Statistics indicate that more than two-thirds of state prisoners are rearrested within three years of their…

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