EVENT: CV Pride Festival is Back On! September 17!

11406509_305984396191881_2334664346362361255_oInitially, the Festival was cancelled due to lack of funding. But that has apparently changed. From Joshua Clay-Wheat, CV Pride Center Director:

CV Pride welcomes you to come join us at our 17th annual Pride Festival! This festival has been being held at Flat Rock Park, but this year we’re having it at the CV Pride Community Center and surrounding area!
It is being scheduled for Saturday, September 26. Once again, Columbus and the Chattahoochee Valley will have two prides in separate seasons of the year, which is not unprecedented as far as Pride events go.
More from CV Pride Center:

ATTENTION: We are currently looking for the following for Pride:

1.) Pride Committee members to help plan and coordinate the festival. If you’re interested, please contact Joshua Clay-Wheat

2.) Financial and decorative donations for the festival. If you have anything to donate, please contact Kevin Blackstock

3.) Vendors. If you are interested in setting up a booth, please contact Kevin Blackstock, Joshua Wheat or Nichole Red Tanner

4.) Entertainment. If you’re interested in performing, please contact Candy Ohara

Last year’s Festival was hit with torrential downpour at Flat Rock Park, which delayed the event for at least an hour. The switch of venue to CV Pride Center may likely face a logistics issue in regards to parking space along 13th Street and building occupancy within the former sign store which houses the Center.

However, this will be a return of the Festival to having a larger shelter, as in years past, the Festival had once used a large shelter at Flat Rock Park in which to hold Pride. The open-side shelter burned down some time after the 2010 festival, resulting in subsequent Prides being divided between a small lodge in the Park for vendor booths and the surrounding outside space being cordoned off for drag and other performances.

This year’s CV Pride Festival, the 17th in the festival’s run since 1999, promises to offer a more accessible experience for those who live closer to uptown Columbus, compared to the drive required to the near-edge of Muscogee county to reach Flat Rock Park.

Finally, holding the festival in a dedicated LGBT-affirming safe space like CV Pride Center may offer a new experience for LGBT pridegoers, even in a time as far removed from the typical Pride festival as September. While June’s Colgay Pride focuses on advocacy, held a Pride march and is more business-friendly (a must on Broadway), September’s CV Pride Festival will take more advantage of the Center’s safe space for freedom of expression. Expect dance, music, food, performances, vendors, activism, and general edginess.


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