Former Head of SBC Admits Current Leaders Are Lying About Same-sex Marriages

You may have seen the quotes from those clerics at the Southern Baptist Convention Conference who are falling over themselves in expressing their political rage at same-sex marriage, from incumbent SBC president Ronnie Floyd to former ERLC president Richard Land to former president Jack Graham.

Well, how about another former president of the SBC, Albert Mohler? The same guy who’s stated that “The embrace of yoga is a symptom of our postmodern spiritual confusion”, “married couples who choose not to have children [are a] form of rebellion against God’s design and order”, and “I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is a false church”, apparently doesn’t follow this current crop of SBC leaders all that close. That last set of quotes from Graham in particular, the one about how “There are many Christians today who are preparing if necessary to go to jail” and “there’s a coming a day, I believe, that many Christians personally and churches corporately will need to practice civil disobedience on this issue” is apparently not even true by Mohler’s standards:

So what does that even say about the SBC’s freakout? Either Mohler is countering the fears with actual facts about the SBC’s declining status, or the SBC’s armageddon scenario is upon every Abrahamic religion in existence in this country.

My money is on Mohler actually getting it straight for once, and the other leaders and ideologues of the Southern Baptist Convention being a bunch of liars for an institution whose churches are declining in membership repeatedly, starving for the money and prestige which their forebears accrued.

(Via: Jeremy Hooper/Good-As-You)


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