Marriage Equality Has Come to Georgia, Alabama and All of America

On 26 June, for the country:

  • the United States has become the 18th country worldwide to fully perform and recognize marriage for same-sex couples throughout its borders.
  • Marriage, once again, is federally recognized as a civil and human right.
  • Dignity has now become as important a judicial and legal concept as privacy.
  • In a repeat of 2013’s United States v. Windsor, a razor-thin 5-4 decision saw Chief Justice Roberts in dissent and Kennedy as the “swing vote”.
  • Justice Scalia was, as usual in these cases, hot with anger at his fellow justices in his dissent.
  • Justice Thomas baffled people when using slavery in his dissent’s argument.
  • The entire roster of major Democratic candidates (4) praised the decision.
  • Almost the entire GOP roster of presidential candidates (with the silent exception of George Pataki) ballyhooed the decision.
  • Singles, couples and families celebrated everywhere, except in the usual pockets.
  • That pastor who said that he’d set himself on fire if he lived to see this day….is now saying it’s a figure of speech.
  • Over 26 million Facebook users added pride-colored filters to their avatars.
  • The meltdown against marriage equality ramped up to a fever pitch.
  • DoD benefits were immediately issued to same-sex spouses of military servicemembers and retirees.

On 26 June in Georgia:


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Unfortunately, your writer was riding out of the state for a family reunion when he found out that Obergefell v. Hodges was decided the right way.

Otherwise, it was a normal Friday in Georgia and America.


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