Commentary by a Conservative Gay Man on Historic Southern Same-Sex Marriage

Jim Wherry of Columbus, GA, and his husband, Mario Jay Jamandron Occena of the Philippines, were the first same-sex couple to get married in Muscogee County. He writes at South African-American activist Melanie Nathan’s blog in defense of his marriage from a conservative perspective.


A Rose by Any Other Name: On the Subject of Same-sex Marriage and Other Questionable Choices

By Jim Wherry, First Posted July 6, 2015 | Written June 26, 2015.

Jim and engaagement Jim Wherry and husband at Engagement celebration Photo: Jim Wherry©

Last summer, I moved from Fairbanks, Alaska to Columbus Georgia for a new job.   I knew I was saying good-bye for good to arctic temperatures and wild changes in the length of day. What I did not know was that I would become part the civil rights history of the South.

I am gay (I prefer the technical term, “Queer as a Three Dollar Bill”) and I became engaged to a great guy from the Philippines. We are both politically conservative and so we did this by the book and lawfully applied for and obtained a fiancé visa.

He arrived at the end of May, and with today’s Supreme Court decision…

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