EXCLUSIVE: Authors Tackle “Large Fears” In Black LGBT Community With Children’s Book

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The Chicago Defender

"Large Fears" Book Photos Source: Kendrick Daye / Getty
Creating a narrative for a young black queer children wasn?t hard for freelance writer turned author Myles Johnson.

Pulling from his own life experiences, the Atlanta based writer along with illustrator Kendrick Daye helped bring to life the story of young Jeremiah Nebula ? a kid getting ready for his trip to Mars ? in the children?s book, Large Fears.

Speaking with NewsOne, the visionaries give new insight into the LGBT world and share what they hope to accomplish with the upcoming release of the children?s book.

Johnson, 24 and Daye, 27, come from different worlds but couldn?t be more alike. After meeting in Atlanta, Georgia?s vibrant art scene, Johnson worked with Daye?s former magazine and collaborated on several projects before cultivating the idea of a children?s book.

?Us at first, creating Jeremiah Nebula was a very just natural process because…

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