Reimagining Entrepreneurship for Queer/Trans People of Color

#lgbt #qpoc #economy #business

Trans Empowerment Network


Off the grip. Let me start by telling you what I’m over.

– I’m over major non-profit organizations (led by white cis neoliberal folks) pimping queer/trans people of color for their financial gain.

– I’m over tokenized mainstream media puppets that aid in furthering a narrative which ends up creating more barriers to our liberation.

– I’m over the ways in which we are forced to participate in a slither of an existence in order to free ourselves of capitalistic systems of oppression.

Many of us are re-imagining and re-defining what entrepreneurship is for us. This involves working thru the feels around prescribing to a financial system that a lot of us don’t believe in. We can name all of the ways these systems have destroyed our lives, the planet, belief in humanity etc. Yes they on some low vibratory, oppressive bullshit…but currently if we don’t have it…

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