WTVM interviews Destany Sumbry and Patricia Lassiter

Destiny Sumbry. Photo (c) Tesia Reed/WTVM
Destiny Sumbry. Photo (c) Tesia Reed/WTVM

A transgender woman in the Chattahoochee Valley facing daily struggles wants residents to know they’re humans just like everyone else.

Destany Sumbry has a strong message for everyone, including those who maybe having similar struggles saying it’s about being free.

Although she said she won’t let bullying affect her anymore, she still faces struggles on a daily basis.

She talked about the time she visited a local club that accepted her money to get in the door, but when she had to use the bathroom it was a different story.

“Security said I could not use the women’s’ or the men’s restrooms. I couldn’t use the woman’s because I’m not a woman legally, and I don’t know why I couldn’t use the men’s restroom, if I’m not a woman, then what am I?” she said.

Hit the link for the video. #TransLivesMatter

via Living in Columbus as a transgender woman – WTVM.com-Columbus, GA News Weather & Sports.


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