Eagle Flight

#Dubai #wildlife

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

Because I am most charitably described as a nerd, the moment I saw this I immediately thought of Bilbo Baggins and his escape from wolves by eagle, you know, the bit that goes:

At the best of times heights made Bilbo giddy. He used to turn queer if he looked over the edge of quite a little cliff; and he had never liked ladders, let alone trees (never having had to escape from wolves before). So you can imagine how his head swam now, when he looked down between his dangling toes and saw the dark lands opening wide underneath him…

The Hobbit (obviously)

True, the city here is a far cry from Middle Earth; but the views and perspectives are just as stunning.

From Flixxy:

An imperial eagle named Darshan captured phenomenal views of the capital of the United Arab Emirates while taking cues from his…

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