On #BlackLivesMatter at #nn15 and #Seattle

Look at it from the perspective of the protesters. The proper placement of protest tactics and targets are mattering less and less as #‎YetWeAreStillDyingInTheStreets‬. We’ve used a variety of tactics before, only to get little product from it.

In Christianese, people like Bernie, Martin and Hillary are barely reachable, so they get these pearls, while all the GOP candidates are the proverbial swine. Yet, Bernie speaks at safer grassroots areas like Iowa, Colorado and Washington State, where he can expect a large turnout from his message’s resonance.

To date, AFAIK, he has not spoken in campaign mode in Chicago, or Atlanta, or New Orleans, or Baltimore, or St. Louis, or Houston, or Birmingham, or Jacksonville. Meanwhile, we can get Sen. Ted [#‎GrandpaMunster‬] Cruz coming to a church here in COLUMBUS, GEORGIA with the help of State Sen. Josh #‎RFRA‬ McKoon.

But yet, it’s in these areas where PoC are heavy, and their issues intersect largely with “urban” crises.

This is why #‎nn15‬ and #‎Seattle‬ happened. Bernie, Hillary, Martin and the pitiful number of Dems running this season (and their pitiful number of debates) are going where it’s safe, not where their ears and eyes are needed. They’re not going where their vulnerability can be lent, without the expectation of a large crowd, but with the expectation that they will find recourse for our greatest domestic concerns.

Like Usher said: “Where are you now, when I need you around?”

Be here now. Don’t have us come to you.



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