EVENT 25 August: #BlackTransLivesMatter #LGBT #TransLivesMatter

11889635_10206588343923070_5717283800364631995_nIn response to the 20 murders of trans women of color in the United States this year, rallies are being organized across the country. From Alicia Garza, co-organizer of the #BlackLivesMatter movement:

It’s Time! Putting the T Back in Black

It is time we accept that state sanctioned violence is much more than police brutality. In the wake of 5 beautiful trans women losing their lives, just last week alone, we are full of grief. These terrible happenings are a result of the many factors that place black trans women in so much risk just by leaving our homes, if we even have homes to begin with. It is far past the time to shut shit down for black trans folks the same way we shut shit down for cis black men.

Black trans women have consistently resisted against anti blackness, patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and white supremacy by being a model of unapologetic truth. Black resistance doesn’t belong to just one group of black people it belongs to us all. We believe that in order to get free we must all get free. Black trans folks getting free isn’t up for debate.

We ask that you commit to learning the names of your sisters who have been murdered. We ask that you learn the names of your sisters who are fighting for your lives just as much as we are fighting for ours. We need more from our black cis counterparts. We need you to show up for the simple fact that black people are dying at the hands of this violence. When a black trans woman’s body is found burned in a field, and there is no outrage from the community, it sends the message to us, and to everyone else that there is no value in our existence. That black trans women are fair game.

#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ has consistently been supportive and in collaboration with black trans folks and especially with Black trans women. We have spent time developing principles,developing analysis,and creating deep practice that is full of love. There’s no action without practice. The time has come for us to practice what we have created. The time is now to resist in honor of Marsha P. Johnson. Islan Nettles. Cemia Dove. Amber Monroe. Penny Proud. Ashley Sherman and so many others. The time is now to join #BlackLivesMatter in action as we celebrate our sisters who are living- the very sisters who have fought next to us to sustain this declaration that has been heard around the world.

The Advocate reports:

The rallies for the observance, dubbed TransLiberation Tuesday, are scheduled as follows, all times local, with one event Wednesday:

Tuesday, 1 p.m., Church and 12th streets

Columbus, Ohio
Tuesday, 5 p.m., City Hall

Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., 1255 S. Halsted

Dayton, Ohio
Tuesday, 6 p.m., Dayton Courthouse Square

Washington, D.C.
Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Franklin Square

Wednesday, 6 p.m., Hermann Park Conservancy

You can also join in the rallies on Twitter beginning Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern. Follow the hashtags #BlackTransLivesMatter and #TransLiberationTuesday.
The event is being organized jointly by GetEqual and Black Lives Matter.
This post is tagged with the names of known trans women of color murdered this year. #SayHerName

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