CEO and Staffers Arrested by Feds on Prostitution, Money Laundering Charges

From NBC New York:

Federal agents raided the Manhattan headquarters of as part of a money laundering and state prostitution investigation Tuesday, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York. Seven people, including a high-ranking executive, were arrested as part of the raid at the offices on 14th Street and Fifth Avenue, the sources said. Department of Homeland Security agents and members of the NYPD, which assisted in the raid, were seen removing boxes from the offices Tuesday. Millions of dollars in numerous bank accounts have been seized in connection with the probe. The Department of Homeland Security was involved in the raid in part because the investigation involves transferring money across state lines. received notoriety in 2010 as the site where George Rekers, a Christian fundamentalist and “Ex-gay” advocate who co-founded the Family Research Council and advised NARTH, enlisted a male sex worker to accompany him to Europe. After that was exposed, Rekers resigned NARTH and went into obscurity.

The website is down as of this writing.

(H/T Joe.My.God)


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