Pink Peach News LGBT Year-in-Review 2015

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Hi all, I might as well write this year-in-review just like all the other LGBT blogs out there. In this, I’ll include posts on this site, both popular and/or otherwise important) as well as stuff I missed.

  1. January: The Beginning of the Legislative Session with State Sen. Josh McKoon’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” being introduced.
  2. February: N/A
  3. March: Sen. Josh McKoon’s RFRA Bill Fought Through Local Protest, and Eventually Tabled.
  4. April: Interestingly enough, one of my top posts this year was of Shibuya, Tokyo passing civil unions. Also, talking to State Legislators about RFRA.
  5. May: Equality Town Hall and a Screening of “The New Black” to Engage the Columbus-Muscogee CommunityEquality Town Hall and a Screening of “The New Black” to Engage the Columbus-Muscogee Community
  6. June: Marriage Equality Starts in Georgia and Most of Everywhere Else in the U.S., Caitlyn Jenner Comes Out as Transgender, and Colgay Pride is Held for its Second Year.
  7. July: An Opinion Piece by one of the first men to get married in Muscogee County; The Murder-Suicide of Russell Kinard; the Struggle of a Transgender Inmate in State Prison; and the beginning of the Kim Davis marriage license fiasco.
  8. August: The Release of Ashley Diamond from State Prison.
  9. September: Promotions of Eric Fanning and Amanda Simpson to the highest-yet echelons of leadership achieved by LGBT people. Also, Informative Video on Masturbation; and CV Pride Festival 2015.
  10. October: Relocation/closure of CV Pride Community Center.
  11. November: Closure of CV Pride Resource Center; the defeat of HERO in Houston.

2015 has been very eventful for LGBT rights and the community in the Chattahoochee Valley. The tour of Georgia Equality’s screening of Yoruba Richen’s documentary The New Black helped raise awareness of LGBT African-American lives; RFRA was resisted by local activists; marriage equality finally reached our state; CV Pride had a good, but expensive run in providing a local safe space, and town halls raised LGBT awareness within the general community. 2015 is a watermark year for LGBT equality in Columbus and nationwide.

2016 promises more fights over non-discrimination ordinances, the return of RFRA, and the fight for both sexual respect and inclusion of transgender people into the social contract.

Let’s look forward! See you in 2016!


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