ATLANTA: Park Cannon, Ralph Long Sent to Runoff for HD 58

In the House District 58 vote on 19 January to succeed outgoing State Rep. Simone Bell, Park Cannon led Ralph Long III 47.3% to 33.6%. Kwame Thompson, in third place, was eliminated with 18.9%. A runoff is scheduled between Cannon and Long on 16 February, as neither candidate won over 50% of the vote. The winner of the Democratic primary will automatically be declared the successor, as there is no other challenger for the safe-Democratic seat. A win for Cannon will see a third queer woman of color in the State House after Bell and Rep. Keisha Waites.

Via press release from Cannon:

I wanted you to be the first to know that with your help we were an incredibly strong front runner in tonight race in House District 58 to replace Simon Bell. With a staggeringly fast-paced five-week campaign, your moral support, financial support, prayers and votes put us at 47.3% of the vote tonight.  Our closest competitor, former State Representative and perennial political candidate, Ralph Long, came in second at 33.6% of the vote.  That is a 14-point spread in a legislative race, where normally, only five points separates two candidates.

Kwame Thompson came in third place with 18.9% of the race.  Our full campaign team wants to extend a hardy and heartfelt congratulations to Kwame and his full team. I have already reached out to Kwame personally tonight and congratulated him on a hard fought race.

Tomorrow, at 9am, our official run-off campaign kicks off. And we will once again be campaigning incredibly hard in an effort to earn your support, prayers, and votes for the run-off election, Tuesday, February 16th.

But tonight we celebrate an amazing win with family and friends, including you.  I wanted to personally thank you for all of your support and for being such a vital part of Team Cannon.  But now we need you more now than ever.  I will be reaching out to you individually about our runoff campaign, but until then please feel free to reach me by email or phone with any thoughts you might have on how to make our unique and diverse group of neighborhoods the best to live, work and raise a family.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.



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