EVENT: Columbus Unites Against Discrimination Rally

Via Press Release:

12473908_1206695789358862_3738029547177888118_oWHAT:  COLUMBUS UNITED AGAINST DISCRIMINATION RALLY

WHEN:  FEBRUARY 8th 2016   6 PM



Rally to defeat anti-LGBT legislation

We’ve been working for over a year to talk sense and human decency to some fringe Georgia lawmakers who seem singularly obsessed with codifying LGBT discrimination into law. We’ve:

  • mobilized a groundswell of grassroots opposition
  • had countless one-on-one conversations with lawmakers
  • built vast coalitions of hundreds of faith leaders, dozens of civil rights leaders, and a strong contingency of Republicans to advocate against the passage of harmful religious exemptions legislation

Yet, still, lawmakers like Sen. McKoon, Rep. Tanner, and Sen. Kirk refuse to listen to the overwhelming number of Georgians who want to keep our state welcoming and open for business to all.

They leave us no choice. On Monday, February 8th—we march and rally at the Columbus Government Center (Springer Side) at 6 pm. Join dozens of Georgians to rally in solidarity with our LGBT family, friends and community members—the targets of undignified and harmful discriminatory attacks.

The rally is our best chance to show lawmakers: Discrimination is not a Georgia value and Georgians will not stand by while lawmakers endanger our communities and put the state economy in jeopardy.  We need you there

Some Georgia lawmakers are on an anti-LGBT crusade. Already there are four pieces of legislation under consideration at the Capitol that would give “license to discriminate” against LGBT Georgians under the guise of religious freedom.

They’ve ignored the business argument that these RFRA-style bills could devastate the economy. They’ve ignored leaders from faith communities, civil rights groups and Republican member organizations. Now, they’re ignoring us – the thousands of concerned constituents who have sent messages urging lawmakers to drop these heinous bills.  There is far more important things to be working on like Infrastructure, Job Growth, Attracting Businesses to Georgia, Education, Medicaid Expansion and so much more.

Now: invite your friends to join you at the rally! This is a numbers game. The more people we mobilize to the rally, the stronger our case for blocking any and all legislation that gives license to discriminate against gay and transgender Georgians.  If you have further questions or would like to set up an interview, please do not hesitate to contact me at 706-580-6239.

Jeremy S Hobbs  –  President/Director   COLGAY PRIDE (CVBWF INC.)




Jeremy Scott Hobbs


4411 Rosemont Drive

Columbus Georgia 31904

(706) 580-6239





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