Columbus Activist Patricia Lassiter is Covered in Washington Blade Story

Local activist Patricia Lassiter, a tireless advocate for LGBT and liberal causes in Columbus (and a friend who I’ve worked with since 2014), was interviewed by the Washington Blade in D.C. for a story on Black LGBT voters supporting Hillary Clinton’s run for president:

Patricia Lassiter. Photo (c) Patricia Lassiter. 

Patricia Lassiter, a 52-year-old black lesbian in Columbus, Ga., said she’s casting her vote for Clinton on Super Tuesday because the candidate “going to hit the ground running” once she occupies the White House.
“We need a strong, unified party, and with Hillary, we’ll have a unified party, we’ll have a person who has so much experience — not just domestically, but foreign policy — and she thinks on her feet, and she’s not afraid of anything,” Lassiter said.
A member of the Georgia Democratic Party LGBT caucus as well as Georgia Equality and Georgia Unites, Lassiter said she’s making phone calls into all caucus states, walking neighborhoods and attending rallies for Clinton.

Go Patricia!

via Black LGBT voters on why they back Clinton.


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