HAPPENING NOW: Macon Rally Against #HB757

A rally is taking place today fro 12pm to 6pm at Macon City Hall against HB 757, the anti-LGBT religious privilege bill passed by the State Senate. From the event page:

Please invite your friends! Let’s get as many people involved as we can, this WILL make headlines if there is enough of us!
♥ Let’s show that love and solidarty triumphs over fear and separation ♥

Q: Do we need, or are we encouraged, to bring anything?
A: Bottled water, snacks, rainbow flags, signs, hand drums, rainbow snacks, flag signs, hand snacks, bottled signs, bottled rainbow flag drums, acoustic guitar, megaphone, social justice, leftover holiday candy, tons of friends, and lots of love are always helpful! Solidarity by the bucketful.

Q: Is there a “Best Time” to show up?
A: We’ve made the event last this long so that we can have diffeent peak times, allowing those with busy schedules time to arrive, even multiple times throughout the day. Check the schedule below… we are looking toward expecting peak times of 2pm and 5pm.

=========!*Cosmic Itenerary of Events*!========

12p Welcoming ceremony, initial gathering, and solidarity meetup
1p March to the Bibb County Courthouse, where a Cold Reading will expose the separatist nature of the bill as intended
2p We return to City Hall where we have a public discussion on how we can continue to move this and other issues forward
2.5 Break for food and drinks, this time to be also used to network!
3p Parting and ReWelcoming Ceremony/Youth Appreciation Meetup
4p Next Generation March to the Bibb County Courthouse


“Georgia Senate passes religious freedom bill!”

A few days ago, the Georgia Senate passed House Bill 757, a bill which gives businesses and government-funded organizations the right to deny services to individuals based on sexual orientation in the name of religious freedom. The bill also forces the government to protect the continued award of public funds regardless of, well, pretty much anything what-so-ever done against an individual who even construes that marriage could be more than between a man and a woman.

Not only is this an egregious attack on the rights of the individual citizen , it also dissuades businesses from setting up shop in Georgia due to an anxiety regarding a persistently discriminatory antiquated view of morality that continues to infect many in the state. In fact, WE HAVE ALREADY HAD A BUSINESS LEAVE before the State Senate even got their chance to pass the bill!

As Georgians in support of individual freedom, we lend our voices to those in opposition to this bill and demand that our representatives do away with this and any bill whose language denies the right of any individual to participate in government and private industry for religious reasons.

Religion is already protected under the first amendment; it does not provide exemptions to providing services or products for religious reasons. This is absurd discrimination that does not belong in 2016. That is why we will use the same amendment to demand that our government not impose more shackles on the actions of the individual.

Lend us your time and your voice on February 25 in front of City Hall, where we will protest and raise our voices in opposition to the bill and for the rights of our brothers and sisters in our community for which we stand in solidarity.

Big thanks to Liv Kledzik-Williams for her insight:
“[Whether you are] attending or not, everyone PLEASE take five minutes to call Gov. Deal’s office and tell his staffer you oppose this bill and why; post on social media and be sure to hashtag #NathanDeal along with anyone else who can aid in this (anything published that tags them WILL be pulled and noted by their staffers), and/or submit letters to the editor of your local paper. Public pressure, attention, and scrutiny are crucial, and grassroots/constituent driven efforts can make a huge difference because they will show we care about this.
*CALL Nathan Deal’s Atlanta office. Phone: 404-656-1776
*Submit LTE, word limit 250. (shorter the better)

Find your district numbers and legislators using your street address athttp://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

Representative District Map Overlay: Upper for Senate, Lower for House

GA House of Representatives

GA Senators http://www.senate.ga.gov/senators/en-US/SenateMembersList.aspx

Please write to, call, e-mail, tweet, tag, and otherwise contact your representatives and Governor Nathan Deal and implore them to deny the passage of this discrimination bill, and join us on Thursday to spread the word


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