LOWNDES COUNTY: South Georgia Pride Reports Bashing of Transgender Woman

From Raynae Jones of South Georgia Pride, Inc. in Valdosta:

On Valentine’s Day a transgender woman of color was brutally attacked by 3 men. This attack occurred in Lowndes County, GA. Livian was beaten for over an hour, was held at gun point, and sexually assaulted.

As the result of her attack she has a broken eye socket, fractured jaw, punctured and collapsed lung.
Only one of her attackers has been arrested and some of the charges were dropped. It is unclear when the other two people involved in this attack will be arrested.

South Georgia Pride has been in contact with the victim and has been working directly with her to get in contact with resources that can possibly help her with legal assistance, payment of medical bills, therapy, navigation of communication with the police, etc.

So far Lambda Legal, Atlanta Pride, & HRC has contacted Raynae’ Jones about the case and on how to contact Livian. Phone calls and emails have been made to Southern Poverty Law Center, The Health Initiative, Southerns on New Ground (SONG) , and SNaP Coalition.

All of the South Georgia Pride Board members are committed to helping Livian and we are using our network and resources to connect her to the organizations that specialize in those areas that will help her. South Georgia Pride is a 501c3 Non Profit with our main mission of hosting the annual pride festival in Valdosta, GA[.]

We also respect and want to uphold the dignity of Livian as she goes through this very traumatic time physically and mentally.

via On Valentine’s Day a transgender woman of color… – South Georgia Pride.


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