Colgay Pride: Rep. Pezold (R-Columbus) to Reportedly Vote AGAINST HB757

From Colgay Pride:

Colgay Pride is proud to announce that today Ga. Rep John Pezold (R) from Columbus sent Jeremy Hobbs Director Colgay Pride the following letter regarding the so-called “First Amendment Defense Act” (FADA) (HB 757)
The letter is as follows:

“Jeremy, I hope all is well. Thanks for reaching out to me. I agree with most of your assessment and if this bill comes to the House floor in its current form I will be voting against it.

John Pezold”

This is great news that proves we must continue to call and write every person on Georgia Capitol Hill. We must not allow FADA to pass. It is already in talks of costing Georgia billions including the beloved film industry we started. Let’s Keep Georgia Moving Forward by Voting No on laws that do nothing but promote discrimination.

Georgia has more pressing issues at hand. Like job growth, medicaid expansion and infrastructure, and Yes Rapid rails.
Lets get back at the helm and get Georgia headed forward.

Thanks again to my good friend John Pezold a Republican from Georgia on his bravery to be bold and stand against wasteful legislation that does more harm to Georgian’s rather than so called protections which already exist.


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