Sockpuppets and Creepiness: Nathan Smith’s Facebook Antics

Nathan Smith


Nathan Smith, local activist and preacher, is quite a character.

In his Facebook and offline history, Smith called for the resignation of City Manager Isaiah Hugley in 2011 by setting up a page against Hugley, raged against SD 29 candidate Brian Roslund in 2014 in support of Republican incumbent Josh McKoon (even going so far as to controversially attempt outing Roslund as gay through Facebook messaging), and combatted the (ultimately-successful) SPLOST referendum in spring 2015.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.00.17 PM
During the height of the 2014 General Assembly election, Smith feuded with SD 29 candidate Roslund and Roslund campaign volunteer (later state witness at Roslund’s indictment) Tracy Boyd Britton. This post was timestamped Thursday October 30, 2014 at 3:15pm.
Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.25.12 AM
Smith, a McKoon supporter, *really* wanted to know Roslund’s position on marriage equality.

Smith also has a history of being accused of setting up multiple sock-puppet profiles on Facebook, such as “Penny Rooker” and “Ronald Howard”, to criticize his political opponents and congratulate himself. While he has protested to the contrary, the images used by both profiles were those of existing personalities:

“Penny Rooker”, who “worked for Jesus” and studied at Columbus State, used the picture of Rabbi Alysa Stanton-Ogulnick, the first African-American woman rabbi and the first to lead a majority-white Jewish congregation; the picture is copyrighted to her alma mater, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. (Ironic?)
“Ronald Howard”, who “worked” at Cold Stone Creamery and “studied” at Columbus Technical College, used the mugshot of Wayne Snowden, a man arrested in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in connection with the shooting of an 8-year-old.

This year, as he combats against the upcoming #ThawTheFreeze referendum and its supporters in political office, he is being accused of similar antics with “Lisa L Stone”. Stone, perhaps, is wise to use the picture of a fictional character’s cosplayer this time around.



Apparently, small-city politics can engulf the integrity of individuals. Numerous individuals, including one-time allies, have called him out over the years, even as local political alliances shift on an issue-by-issue basis. He has targeted many local offices, including the Mayor, City Councillors, and School Board members.

But what is Nathan Smith’s ideology or even his preferred set of techniques for political activism? Hatchet-man? Agent provocateur? Dare I say, ratfucking? Is this a hobby or a profession?

Whichever way he describes his style of confrontation, Smith has cultivated quite a list of individuals who expect this sort of behavior from him. But it is surprising that activists of whatever ideology or stance can take the local political scene so seriously that sockpuppeting is considered an acceptable activist technique.

But I can’t say that he is not passionate.

UPDATE: Other names by which Smith has created new profiles, according to local activist Tracy Boyd-Britton, publisher of, and Debbie Eklund:

  • “Antony Zure”
  • “Mcsd Accountability” (formerly known as the aforementioned Ronald Howard)
  • “Christine Nall”
  • “Bernie G. Mason”
  • “The Spider”

Smith also runs “The Real Courier” page, likely a riff off of The Courier/Eco Latino Newspaper, a local African-American/Latino-targeted newspaper.

Boyd-Britton said: “While we are at it why don’t we name a few more troll accounts that Nathan and his cronies use: MCSD Accountability (formerly Ronald Howard, the profile pic they used was that of a child murderer), Christine Nall, Christopher Nall, Bernie G. Mason, The Spider and The Real Courier. It’s really sad when you watch Nathan use his troll accounts to tell himself how awesome he is. I guess no one else will do it.”

UPDATE II: I think I was just blocked by Smith (but I’m still friends with Mcsd Accountability) so I took a screencap of all of his posts beforehand because screencaps are forever. Also removed “Christopher Nall” because Eklund said that he’s a real person.


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