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Elton John not playing at Trump’s inauguration

I mean, really? Who thought this was gonna happen?!

From The Hill:

“Elton will not be performing at Trump’s inauguration,” the rep told the New York Post. Anthony Scaramucci, a vice chair of the presidential inaugural committee, claimed Tuesday that John would play on the National Mall for the inauguration in January.

John endorsed Hillary Clinton over Trump during the 2016 race, however, and headlined fundraisers for the Democratic presidential nominee as recently as last month.

Source: Elton John not playing at Trump’s inauguration: rep | TheHill


Don’t Whitewash the QPOC Victims of #Orlando

Right now, the ethnicities of the 50 people killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando are being erased from the conversation.

They were predominately Latino and/or of African or Afro-Caribbean descent.

Few queer people of color have been interviewed by major news media outlets. Faisal Alam, a queer Pakistani-American LGBT rights activist of Muslim religion, is one of those few.

And what’s worse: the fact that they were predominately LGBT, that this was a gay nightclub, that this was a hate crime, is also being whitewashed in some outlets, like Sky News in the UK:

This bears repeating: The first victims of Orlando were Latino. The majority of victims were Latino and/or African-American. Almost all of the victims were queer. And Pulse is a gay nightclub.

Never Forget This. Queer People of Color were mass murdered on Sunday, 11 June 2016, and were killed because they were queer. Don’t whitewash this.

On #Lemonade

Just finished watching #‎Lemonade‬ on Facebook.

I wonder if Lemonade is Beyonce’s magnum opus album, or her magnum opus video anthology.

But, going off of the film, this is NOT a pop album. None of this is pop. This is higher concept than her self-titled album. This is her most thematically-compact album to date.

Sasha Fierce, 4 and Self-Titled fit within a thematic trilogy of exploring feminism, beauty, power, love and self-expression in the world. Lemonade is new territory, in which she explores Black womanhood, infidelity, inheritance, pain, anger and appreciation in history.

The pacing is incredibly taut, like a one-hour religious ritual. Everyone, every dancer and guest, is posed exactly as they should be posed, to be canvasses for the story, like they’re dreamy expressions emanating from Beyonce’s mind.

But it’s all a process. It goes from reacting to betrayal to reconciling and rebuilding with one’s love. It goes beyond some mere “Becky with the good hair” to a wider theme of being true to those who you will meet when you wake up: oneself and each other.

PETITION OF THE DAY: White House: Have Fetty Wap Perform “Trap Queen” At Nancy Reagan’s Funeral ·

Full text from petition by “David D.”:

She was married to the money and introduced America to the stove…

Nancy Reagan passed away on March 6th, 2016, leaving an unforgettable legacy as the First Lady of the United States. But beyond being the First Lady, Nancy Reagan holds the important legacy as being the most famous Trap Queen in American history.

While her husband, Ronald Reagan, was linking up with Papi to flood the streets with narcotics, Nancy was on TV telling kids to “Say No To Drugs.” Her infamous “anti-drug” phrase encouraged strict laws on drug possession that led to a school-to-prison pipeline we’re still dealing with now. Blacks and Latinos went to jail in droves for possessing drugs her husband gave them. It was an incredible sleight of hand that would make any wannabe Trap Queen hide in shame for her inability to be as diabolical as Nancy.

So, to commemorate her contribution to the Trap, we’d love to have Fetty Wap perform “Trap Queen” at Nancy’s funeral. To usher her to a better place…where she’s probably cooking pies with her baby.

via Petition · White House: Have Fetty Wap Perform “Trap Queen” At Nancy Reagan’s Funeral ·

This may or may not have inspired by the commentary of radio host Charlamagne tha God.

See also the criticisms of the Reagans’ reaction to the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s, including her now-infamous ignorance or rejection of the plight of a dying actor, Rock Hudson.

GLAAD REPORT: “Debunking the ‘Bathroom Bill’ Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination: A Guide for Journalists”

From the press release:

Debunking the “Bathroom Bill” Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination: A Guide for Journalists dispels the myths that are often used to demonize transgender people. We’ve created this guide in collaboration with a coalition of state and national LGBT organizations to ensure fair and accurate reporting, and we will be working to get into the hands of every journalist covering these important issues.

Read the report

via Debunking the ‘Bathroom Bill’ Myth – Accurate Reporting on LGBT Nondiscrimination: A Guide for Journalists | GLAAD.