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President Obama’s November 2016 List of Endorsements

President Obama has made many endorsements for political office for the November 2016 general election. In addition to the rare endorsement made by the President in Democratic primary contests throughout the year, his office has announced that he will make an unprecedented raft of endorsements for downballot candidates this week, including U.S. Senate and House, governorships, state legislatures and even other state and municipal offices which will have faceoffs in November. His goal is to further state-level redistricting reform.

Here’s a list which I’m gleaning from Politico, CNN and other sources.

  • Hillary Clinton – President
  • Tim Kaine – Vice-President


  • Catherine Cortez-Masto – NV
  • Patrick Murphy – FL
  • Kamala Harris – CA
  • Tammy Duckworth – IL
  • Deborah Ross – NC
  • Katie McGinty – PA
  • Maggie Hassan – NH


  • Tom O’Halleran – AZ-1
  • Ami Bera – CA-7
  • Michael Eggman – CA-10
  • Salud Carbajal – CA-24
  • Doug Applegate – CA-49
  • Bryan Caforio – CA
  • Morgan Carroll – CO-6
  • Charlie Crist – FL
  • Stephanie Murphy – FL
  • Val Demings – FL-10
  • Joe Garcia – FL-26
  • Monica Vernon – IA-1
  • Jim Mowrer – IA-3
  • Cheri Bustos – IL-17
  • Brad Schneider – IL
  • Jay Sidie – KS-3
  • John Yarmuth – KY
  • Emily Cain – ME
  • Suzanna Shkreli – MI-8
  • Angie Craig – MN-2
  • Terri Bonoff – MN-3
  • Brad Ashford – NE-2
  • Carol-Shea-Porter – NH
  • Annie Kuster – NH
  • Josh Gottheimer – NJ
  • Jacky Rosen – NV-3
  • Ruben Kihuen – NV-4
  • Tom Suozzi – NY
  • Sean Patrick Maloney – NY
  • Collen Deacon – NY
  • Zephyr Teachout – NY-19
  • Steve Santarsiero – PA
  • Christina Hartman – PA
  • LuAnn Bennett – VA
  • Jane Dittmar – VA


  • Roy Cooper – NC
  • Kate Brown – OR
  • Sue Minter – VT

State Legislatures

  • Abigail Medina – CA AD-40
  • Josh Newman – CA SD-29
  • Cheryl Cook-Kallio – CA AD-16
  • Al Muratsuchi – CA AD-66
  • Tony Exum – CO HD-17
  • Robert Asencio – FL HD-118
  • Lisa Montelione – FL HD-63
  • Ivette Gonzalez Petkovich – FL HD-103
  • Nick Duran – FL HD-112
  • Daisy Baez – FL HD-114
  • Beth Tuura – FL HD-47
  • Rena Frazier – FL HD-59
  • Ben Diamond – FL HD-68
  • Debbie Mucarsel-Powell – FL SD-39
  • Rod Smith – FL SD-8
  • Linda Stewart – FL SD-13
  • Bob Buesing – FL SD-18
  • José Javier Rodríguez – FL SD-37
  • Juliana Stratton – IL HD-5
  • Eric Lesser – MA SD-1st Hpdn., Hpsh.
  • Lindsey Port – MN HD-56B
  • Erin Maye Quade – MN HD-57A
  • Jamie Becker-Finn – MN HD-42B
  • Mary T’Kach – MN HD-52B
  • Zach Dorholt – MN HD-14B
  • Duane Sauke – MN HD-25B
  • Andrew Carlson – MN HD-50B
  • Paul Rosenthal – MN HD-49B
  • Tina Kotek – OR HD-44
  • Jennifer Williamson – OR HD-36
  • Barbara Smith-Turner – OR HD-45
  • Paul Southwick – OR HD-37
  • Janelle Bynum – OR HD-51
  • Gena Goodman-Campbell – OR HD-37
  • Teresa Alonso Leon – OR HD-22
  • Tawna Sanchez – OR HD-43
  • Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant – WA SD-49
  • Lisa Wellman – WA SD-41
  • Mike Pellicciotti – WA HD-30a
  • Kristine Reeves – WA HD-30b
  • Jeff Wright – WI AD-51
  • Art Shrader – WI AD-50

Other states offices

  • Josh Shapiro – PA Attorney General
  • Kirk Caldwell – Honolulu HI Mayor

Pink Peach News’ Voter Guide to #SuperTuesday

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/24101702220

So Today is Tuesday, and not just ANY Tuesday, but #SuperTuesday!

Why is it #super? What makes it much bigger than most other days throughout the American calendar?

Well, it’s one of the most important days in electoral politics, when the two big tents of American politics – the Democratic and Republican parties – hold their separate primaries in 13 states and 1 territory to decide their nominees for president. It tends to have a big impact on the decisions made by both parties later on in the year at their national conventions.

Why this election matters

This year is historic for both parties:

Democrats have an opportunity to pull a hat trick which has eluded them since the foundation of the party: succeed a two-term Democratic president with another Democratic president. The last attempt to do such was in 2000, when Vice President Al Gore made a bid to succeed two-term President Bill Clinton, but lost to Texas Governor George W. Bush under highly-controversial circumstances which ended in a Supreme Court decision handing the election to Bush. This time, either of the major Democratic candidates – Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – are trying to succeed a two-term Democratic President, Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Republicans face a civil war of endorsements and social media accusations between more orthodox social conservative candidates – Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and Carson – and the winner of 3/4 of Republican primaries this cycle, Donald Trump. Trump is explicitly nationalist, regularly breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment (“Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican”), and has drawn a large fanbase of assorted nativists, racists and aggrieved unemployed people, both from inside and outside the party. Trump has gone from being embraced within the party for his accusations regarding President Obama’s place of birth to reviled within a large constituency of the party for his using the same tactic against Cruz and Rubio, both of Cuban descent. Trump has also cast himself as solidly against causes for racial justice and integration of immigrants.


Pink Peach News’ preliminary decision?

Vote for a Democrat. 

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004
Sen. Bernie Sanders

That’s right. Both individuals have stellar records in the last few years on LGBT and women’s rights (both, in their separate careers in the Senate, voted for and co-sponsored the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA), have had their own courses of political evolution (up til a few years ago, both were in favor of civil unions for same-sex couples rather than full marriage equality, but as elected officials, voted against anti-marriage equality bills like DOMA and the Federal Marriage Amendment), and have helped to increase the profile of LGBT people, rights and issues in the Democratic Party and progressive-liberal politics.

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid - Washington
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Both are challenging each other on not just their evolutions, but also on issues of economic justice. Both have tactics which clash in their passion with each other: Clinton’s pragmatic reforms vs. Sanders’ revolutionary shakeup. Both can go a long way: Clinton’s experience as Secretary of State is a major plus for why she should be our next President, while Sanders’ long-running protest of our political and economic system is a useful critique for America to be better in our conduct than our past.

Warts and all, both candidates have offered much to LGBT people, to women, and to people of color in their own times as elected officials.


The Republicans in this cycle have offered nothing to the advancement of LGBT people, and are currently legislating to make us second-class citizens. All GOP candidates for president – Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich – have pledged to roll back marriage rights for same-sex couples. This negatively affects ALL LGBT people in Georgia and around the country.

In my capacity as editor of Pink Peach News, I make no endorsement for Republicans in this election. Either Democratic candidate this cycle is more advantageous to LGBT people than any Republican candidate. The GOP way is a no-go for this cycle.

Readers, after you check your registration status and find your voting station, please vote for a Democrat today. Your rights and posterity depend on it.

Columbus Activist Patricia Lassiter is Covered in Washington Blade Story

Local activist Patricia Lassiter, a tireless advocate for LGBT and liberal causes in Columbus (and a friend who I’ve worked with since 2014), was interviewed by the Washington Blade in D.C. for a story on Black LGBT voters supporting Hillary Clinton’s run for president:

Patricia Lassiter. Photo (c) Patricia Lassiter. 

Patricia Lassiter, a 52-year-old black lesbian in Columbus, Ga., said she’s casting her vote for Clinton on Super Tuesday because the candidate “going to hit the ground running” once she occupies the White House.
“We need a strong, unified party, and with Hillary, we’ll have a unified party, we’ll have a person who has so much experience — not just domestically, but foreign policy — and she thinks on her feet, and she’s not afraid of anything,” Lassiter said.
A member of the Georgia Democratic Party LGBT caucus as well as Georgia Equality and Georgia Unites, Lassiter said she’s making phone calls into all caucus states, walking neighborhoods and attending rallies for Clinton.

Go Patricia!

via Black LGBT voters on why they back Clinton.

Elections in Columbus Should Start to Include LGBT Issues at Forefront

In addition to national elections (both presidential and congressional), we have several elections in the Columbus area this year, starting with the following even-numbered city council seats up for election on May 24:

  • Skip Henderson in Post 10 (at-large seat)
  • District 2 Councilor Glenn Davis
  • District 4’s Evelyn Turner-Pugh
  • District 6’s Gary Allen
  • District 8’s Tom Buck, who is serving out the late Red McDaniel’s term and is not running for re-election

Incumbent Turner-Pugh is facing a challenge for the District 4 seat from Marquese “Skinny” Averett, while Henderson is facing a challenge for the Post 10 seat from lawyer Teddy Reese. Another newcomer, Walker Garrett, is running to replace Buck on the council.

Similarly, the Muscogee County School Board’s odd-numbered seats are also up for election:

  • Chairman Rob Varner of District 5
  • vice-chairwoman Pat Hugley Green of District 1
  • Athavia “A.J.” Senior of District 3
  • Shannon Smallman in District 7
  • And of course, all Assembly districts in Muscogee County:
  • Rep. Debbie Buckner (D-137)
  • Rep. Carolyn Hugley (D-136)
  • Rep. Calvin Smyre (D-135)
  • Rep. John Pezold (R-133)
  • Rep. Richard Smith (R-134)
  • Sen. Ed Harbison (D-15)
  • Sen. Josh McKoon (R-29)

I’ll let the Ledger-Enquirer explain most of the rest:

Others coming up for a vote are all Superior Court judges except Frank Jordan Jr., all state legislative delegates, State Court Judge Ben Richardson, Municipal Court Judge Steven Smith, Probate Judge Marc D’Antonio, District Attorney Julia Slater, Superior Court Clerk Linda Pierce, Municipal Court Clerk Vivian Creighton Bishop, Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman, Coroner Buddy Bryan and Tax Commissioner Lula Huff.

Not to mention:
  • Sheriff John Darr, who is facing a challenge from Robert Keith Smith and Pam Brown, but who will not seek the Democratic nomination and, theoretically, will make it easier for past primary challenger Brown
  • Municipal Court Clerk Vivian Creighton Bishop, who is facing a challenge from former clerk’s office worker Sylvia Hudson
  • Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman, who is facing a challenge from CPD veteran Bernard Spicer
  • and Superior Court Judge for the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit Ron Mullins, who is facing a challenge from Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney Alonza Whitaker.

Finally, the “Thaw the Freeze” referendum will decide whether or not to thaw the property tax freeze that the county has had in place since 1982. This is a personal, pro-growth mission of Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, and she has participated in two debates opposite Republican partisans who oppose the thaw.

Now this leaves the question:

How will this election benefit the LGBT community in Columbus?

So far, we have had an LGBT-friendly mayor, Teresa Tomlinson, but we should be more responsible citizens in this election cycle. As the issue of discrimination in healthcare, employment, housing, education and public accommodations comes to the forefront across the country (and especially across the state), LGBT people in this county should be leading for LGBT rights advocacy and civil life from outside of Atlanta.

Also of note: since 2012, when Jeremy Hobbs made his second run for District 8 against McDaniel (with McDaniel coming out on top 58.14% to Hobbs’ 41.44%), no openly-LGBT or HIV-positive person has ran for the city council or for elected office in Muscogee County. If you are openly-LGBT, HIV-positive, or an ally to both, please consider running for office; you have from 9 a.m. March 7 until noon March 11 to do so.

In the meantime, I will send a questionnaire to many of the candidates, and will post their answers here. We need to know where our elected officials stand on LGBT and women’s rights in such a crucial election year.